The amazing team at BH Bikes Cape Town

A Massive Thanks To South Africa

This is such a big one! I am incredibly blown away and privileged to announce that South Africa have come on board to help me take on and complete Afrikalegburn for Shine.

A relatively new brand on the South African bicycle scene, Ray Wilson leads an amazing and passionate team at the BH Bikes store in Diep River, Cape Town. BH Bikes will supply me with a bike for each of the challenges.

So that’s a Cyclocross bike for the Africa trip, a Road Bike for the CT Cycle Tour, a MTB for the Absa Cape Epic and finally a TT bike for the IRONMAN! Amazing! Ray and his team have a fantastic family atmosphere in the office and have already been incredible at this stage in the way they’ve backed the project, the charity goals behind it and have committed to making it all come together. So I can only say a huge thanks for now and hope that I can repay their faith and complete everything I’ve set out to do!

Admiring the BH Lynx Dual Suss.

Admiring the BH Lynx Dual Suss at the Diep River Cape Town store.

Born in 1909, BH Bikes have a super strong heritage and background in Europe and are based in Vitoria-Gasteiz, capital of the Basque Country, Spain. The Vuelta Espana (Tour of Spain) has been won twice on BH bikes and the notorious Alps d’huez has one of it’s bends named after a BH bike rider (Fede Etxabe).

They are currently being shown off on the 2016 Tour de France by the Direct Energie team, led by the very popular Thomas Voekler.

Thomas Voeckler's Ultralight frame for the Tour de France

Thomas Voeckler’s Ultralight frame for the Tour de France

BH G6 Pro South Africa

BH Lynx 4.8 29ER Carbon 9.7

I met Ray about a year ago on the regular round the mountain ride with the Cape Epic crew. He had just started to bring in BH Bikes and I could see how passionate he was about cycling and the BH brand in particular. Then I volunteered at this year’s Cape Epic and spotted Ray and his partner Mike on their BH Lynx’s.

So I went along to check out their store on Diep River main road to chat to Ray about the Afriklegburn project and was impressed by the quality of the machines on offer! Most notably the BH G6 Pro and the Lynx MTB 4.8 Carbon 29″! 🙂

Interestingly,  BH Bike’s biggest seller is their range of e-bikes:

The eMotion Range

BH Emotion Electtric Bikes

BH Emotion Electtric Bikes

BH now produce six different types of bike as part of the eMotion range- the Nitro, Revo, Evo, Evo AWD, Easy Go and Xenion. The Nitro and Easy Go, have rear motors, the Revo and Xenion have centrally mounted motors and the Evo and Evo AWD have rear / double motors.

Now with good experience in the electric bike market they are producing great urban, mountain and folding electric bikes on hub and crank driven motors.

Thank You BH Bikes South Africa

I’m very proud to represent BH Bikes in these challenges coming and thank you again to Ray and his team at BH Bikes for being so enthusiastic about the project!

I recommend getting down to their store and having a look:

Address: 228 Main Rd, Diep River, Cape Town, 7800, South Africa
Phone: +27 21 715 7182


Edward 'Ryko' Reichenback cycled from Adelaide to Darwin at the age of 21 over 102 years ago.

The Bike Choice

Besides the biggest anxieties of actually negotiating Africa, the biggest decision to make is what type of bicycle to negotiate Africa on.

What type of bike and pack is going to get me through Africa solo and unsupported. I don’t have a big budget, there is no one following me and if the bike breaks, I don’t have the cash just to buy a new one and ship it to whereever I am at the time. So finding the right type of bike to get me through Africa is keeping me up at night. I am a semi competitive cyclist, so I struggle to get away from the weight issue, i.e I want as light a bike as possible. But I can’t afford to have the frame break on me somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

To be continued…



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