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Hello To Flux Communications!

I will admit I am new to getting a large initiative or expedition off the ground, but I think there are a few stages in the journey which cause you to really start to believe it might be possible. That it could actually work. When you realise that there are people that are silly enough to believe in you and are willing to support you to make the project happen.

So I’m quite proud and privileged to announce that the lovely Kelly and Katie at Flux Communications have agreed to come on board and partner with me on #afrikalegburn! Amazing. In their own words:

We think you’re crazy and have had too many knocks to the head, but we’d love to help with the initiative!

Having Flux Communications on board means all of a sudden I’m in the same sporting company of super athletes like Ryan Sandes and Ryan Stramrood (ha ha, no pressure)! But it’s fantastic to know that I have a PR team behind me who understands what I’m going to take on, who believe in the initiative and what I would like to achieve for Shine, Book-Dash and literacy in Africa as a whole.

Who Are Flux Communications?

Kelly and Katie - Flux Communications

Kelly and Katie – Flux Communications

Not everything that is big is better; Flux Communications is a small Publicity agency that has been operating in Cape Town for the past 9 years. The agency is run by the passionate and hardworking Kelly Burke and Katie Armstrong, who both have extensive experience in publicity, marketing and consumer relations.

With diverse current and past clients such as Ryan Sandes, Chris Bertish, Ryan Stramrood, Arabella Country Estate and Red Cross Children’s Hospital, I’m in good hands. 🙂


Just 2 coffees is 1 more book for Shine's understocket library


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