Edward 'Ryko' Reichenback cycled from Adelaide to Darwin at the age of 21 over 102 years ago.

The Bike Choice

Besides the biggest anxieties of actually negotiating Africa, the biggest decision to make is what type of bicycle to negotiate Africa on.

What type of bike and pack is going to get me through Africa solo and unsupported. I don’t have a big budget, there is no one following me and if the bike breaks, I don’t have the cash just to buy a new one and ship it to whereever I am at the time. So finding the right type of bike to get me through Africa is keeping me up at night. I am a semi competitive cyclist, so I struggle to get away from the weight issue, i.e I want as light a bike as possible. But I can’t afford to have the frame break on me somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

To be continued…



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